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50% of Marketers Say Content Will Not Last

Last week, we held an Incite webinar on “The Future of Content”. During the webinar, we asked our listeners to answer two polls. Here are the results. You’l... Read more →

8 Takeaways from the Incite Content Webinar

Last week, we were lucky enough to have Susan Rafizadeh, Director – Global Marketing Life Sciences for SAP, Bayard Saunders, Director, Internet Sales & Marketing ... Read more →

Customer Experience on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Customer experience is critical for marketers, no matter where they’re located. Learn all about it from professionals in London and in New York at Incite Summit: Europe a... Read more →

See what’s next. Be what’s next. Realize the future of marketing:

your marketing challenges directly addressed by 15+ CMOs and 40+ big brand SVPs and VPs Read more →

Why PR teams must work better with others

This November, Laura Kane is going to be speaking at Incite Summit: East about how Marketing, PR and Communications can work together to better serve the customer. To s... Read more →

Activision on Content: What’s it worth, what’s its future?

Jonathan Anastas is the Vice-President, Global Brand Marketing, Head of Digital and Social Media for Activision, the publishers of the phenomenally popular Call of Duty series, amo... Read more →

96% of Marketers Say A Mobile Strategy is Essential

Want to know more about what’s next for mobile? Check out our agenda for Incite Summit: East! What’s the deal with mobile, anyway? We all know it&acir... Read more →

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How did the Weather Company become more data-driven?

This November, Eric Hadley is going to find some time out of his role as the Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for the Weather Company to speak at Incite Summit: East. I... Read more →

What channels make marketers most uncomfortable?

Last week, we asked over 170 marketers which channels they were confident in, which they weren’t, and which they were able to deliver consistent messages over. Here are our... Read more →

How better measurement will change marketing

There is a divide within organizations and marketing departments, but it’s quickly going away. This is the divide between what is quantifiable, and what isn’t. In t... Read more →

Give your customers what they want, in ways they won’t expect:

marketing strategy from the big brand CMOs who do it best. Read more →

How Mobile Will Shake Up the Marketer’s Role

Recently, I was interviewed by our friends at MobileTechCreate. If you’re interested in mobile (and how could you not be?), we highly suggest you give them a lo... Read more →

What the Comcast Call Can Teach Us About Customer-Centricity

You’ve likely already heard this soul-sucking conversation Ryan Block had with a very… Determined customer service representative at Comcast. Wha... Read more →

Are Marketers Being Unsafe Data Hogs?

Last week, we collaborated with over two-hundred marketers to find out how they planned to use their customer data. (If you’d like to join our pool of marketing insiders, h... Read more →

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