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User-Created Content Masterclass: The Ford Fiesta Movement

Picture this: it’s early 2008, just before the hit of the US recession. You’re a marketing executive at the Ford Motor Company tasked with launching a new car into the ... Read more →

ABCs of Programmatic: Why you need the Incite Summit

Hint: P is for Programmatic…   A is for Advertising. As in, what makes our world go round. B is for Brands. They’re the ones with skin in the... Read more →

Storytelling in Marketing: The Success Stories

As we learned in last week’s article, science makes a strong case for storytelling’s ability to capture attention, create connections, and engage. But how does it apply... Read more →

See what’s next. Be what’s next. Realize the future of marketing

your marketing challenges directly addressed by 25+ CMOs and 80+ big brand SVPs and VPs. Read more →

When Brands Get Anti-Social

Last week, we looked at the ways brands are partnering together to pull off big stunts that build traction on social. For brands without multi-million dollar endorsement deals on t... Read more →

Advocacy: It’s Not Just for Big Brands

When you think of brands that inspire customer advocacy, the first that jump into mind are often cutting-edge tech companies like Apple or Tesla. Companies that pride themselves on... Read more →

Storytelling in Marketing: An Art, Proven by Science

Have you ever noticed how engaged a young, otherwise rambunctious child becomes when being told a story? If so, you have experienced the power of storytelling. But can storytelling... Read more →

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10 Reasons Programmatic is Changing the World

Everywhere we look, there it is: bold pronouncements that programmatic is completely upending the world of advertising. It’s changing how we view ads as consumers an... Read more →

The Strange New Age of the Social Media Publicity Stunt

Brands collaborate more than ever to build buzz online, but does it always pay off? We all know about so-called publicity stunts. They’ve always been a staple of the PR toolk... Read more →

How to Build your Agile Marketing Dream Team

Change is constant in our digital world. Well, change is even more of a constant in our digital world. For marketing professionals, constant changes have brought constant challenge... Read more →

Give your customers what they want, in ways they won’t expect:

marketing strategy from the big brand CMOs who do it best. Read more →

The Theory of (Programmatic) Everything

What best characterizes media transactions in 2015: fragmentation or convergence? Answering “fragmentation” would certainly find a great many advocates. After all, the ... Read more →

Apple Watch: Is It Right for Your Brand?

Knee-jerk reactions to early consumer euphoria and jumping on the bandwagon may prove unprofitable in the long run. In our previous post  about the Apple Watch, we d... Read more →

Don’t Mistake Branding For Your Brand

Many businesses are now under the false impression that a ‘quick and dirty’ logo design is all you need to build a brand. In fact, professional brand design goes far be... Read more →

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